Petites pépites

Le Cadavre du 25

The "Cadavre du 25" police novel takes us from Monaco to Miami via Geneva, in a story that mixes the fight against money laundering, various traffics and sporting exploits. The heroes, two policemen whose lives never cease to intersect, are confronted with criminals of such diverse origins as members of South American cartels and crooked bankers, who will not hesitate to attack the heroes to defend their misdeeds.

Éditions Slatkine   Amazon   Honoré Champion

The Silicon Wars

A young and brilliant inspector of Scotland Yard, Rose Mc Gawn is sent to the French Riviera to track down the disappeared nanny of her boss' children. To carry out her investigation, she poses as an aspiring model and meets Masha, a young Ukrainian woman whom she befriends. The investigation takes an unexpected turn when Rose meets François, chief inspector of the Monaco police, who is investigating drownings that are tarnishing the image of the Principality.

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